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Captain Hannah Rowbotham chows down in Berlin 2011

Captain Hannah chows down in Berlin 2011


The Eat Team is a smorgasborg of awesome for food, art, travel, and living your dreams.

Join The E.A.T Team Captains Melissa Rachel Black & Hannah Rowbotham as they eat and art across Asia, Australia, NZ, USA. It’s an epic odyssey to find, unite, and expose the world’s great upcoming culinary masters and artists and bring the fruits of their labor into your home. In each city we visit, we’ll sit down with a chef and artist over dinner. They will provide a new recipe and original artwork, respectively, to be featured in the book. We’ll also highlight personal anecdotes from people we meet along the way along with lessons we learn about living life to the fullest and how food, art, and travel inspire creativity.

After the year-long journey, The E.A.T. Team will produce the world’s first co-created lifestyle-design artist’s cookbook.  It will be a collection of the best recipes, fresh graphics, travel wisdom, and how-tos on designing your dream lifestyle.


Meet The E.A.T. Team

Melissa Rachel Black, Team Captain.  Melissa is an entrepreneur, artist, minimalist, foodie, writer and slayer of dragons.

Captain Melissa scoops a sea creature in northern California

Captain Melissa scoops a sea creature in northern California

She is creative to the core and loves helping others tap into their potential.  Melissa has worked as a photographer, documenting cultural divides in Israel to music legends such as Snoop Dogg; as an arts editor for publications in England and U.S.; and as a printer and graphic designer for high-end wedding invitations in Germany, before realizing that the real work she wanted to pursue in business and in life required carving out her own path; taking a leap of faith into the unknown.  You can read the rest of her bio and writing on Melissa’s blog and see her collection of gangster rap greeting cards here.


Hannah Rowbotham, Team Captain.  ”My favorite lesson in school was lunch time.”


  1. Tony and Wendy says:

    Hi ladies – great to meet you at Moore Wilson’s at Porirua today – great website and look forward to following you on your travels and keeping us intouch with inovative “foodies”

    Best of luck – wendy and Tony -the Gluten Free Guys

    • The E.A.T. Team says:

      Tony & Wendy! So lovely to meet you today! Thank you for the delicious gluten free goodies today, we’ll be in touch via email when you’re up on the blog. Speak soon!

      Warmest wishes – Melissa & Hannah

  2. Jude Pipes says:

    Melissa…you GO GURL! This is fantastic. Love your cards!! I am suitably, preposterously, gigantorially impressed by your blog, travels, art and guts! I will check in periodically.

    • The E.A.T. Team says:

      Jude! Thank you so much for this day-brightening comment. I wouldn’t be on this path without your help though. Cheers for all that you do Jude and thanks for the support!

  3. Beryl says:

    Hi ladies

    Awesome journey you are on! Where did the idea come from? And…what, if any, limiting beliefs did you need to break through to get started?

    • The E.A.T. Team says:

      Hi Beryl! Thanks for your wonderful comment. What limiting beliefs.. hmm, I think there have been several breakthroughs along the way but to get started, I’d say we definitely had to let go of the idea that we could plan everything in advance. There’s only so much you can do before you just have to GO, and realize that things fall into place along the way.

  4. Barnaby Butters says:

    Hi guys. My name is Butters. I will be in Koh Lanta for the first time from the 13 of June this year. I would love to be tattooed during my stay. From reading about your site and your profiles, You all seem like such great people. I just don’t know where you are… How do I find you??
    And I guess more importantly, are there any available times ?
    Hope to hear from you. : )
    Butters. X

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